Crochet Book Recommendations
For the ideal Christmas present!

Book cover Crochet: The Weekend Crafter by Jane Davis
What takes only a weekend to crochet, but is something you will enjoy wearing for years to come? A: Each of the 20 simple stylish projects in this book!
Only 10.36 (saving 2.59 = 20%) at
Only $10.47 (saving $4.48 = 30%) at

Book cover Crochet With Style : 24 Fun to Make and Easy to Wear Sweaters by Melissa Leapman
Catalogs and magazines are featuring crocheted fashions in their latest issues. This book's designs allow readers to create these styles at home. It includes 24 beautiful designs with full instructions for jackets, pullovers, vests, and cardigans - for beginners and experts alike.
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Book cover Creative Crochet (Crochet Collection Series)
Introducing a variety of beautiful crochet projects for decorating home, celebrating the holidays, and presenting as gifts. The reader will discover traditional afghan patterns, plus a variety of projects for the home, gift ideas, clothing items, things for the baby, and more. Includes over 50 full-color photos of designs, complete instructions and more.
Only 8.60 (saving 0.96 = 10%) at
Only $10.47 (saving $4.48 = 30%) at
Book cover Crochet for Today
"Wrapped up in Afghans", "Rock-A-Bye Collection" and "All Through the House" are the names of just three of the seven sections in this crochet book, which features over 70 projects for decorating the home, celebrating the seasons and making gifts.
Only 8.60 (saving £2.39 = 21%) at
Only $10.47 (saving $4.48 = 30%) at

Book cover Tapestry Crochet by Carol V. Norton
Inspired by the shoulder bags that are part of the Mayan Indian man's traditional outfit, Norton presents tapestry crochet, a form of sturdy crochet worked in two or three colors. The idea of tapestry crochet is very simple, and this book gives you the explicit details that ensure immediate success in accomplishing it.
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Book cover The Filet Crochet Book by Chris Rankin
Demonstrates the basic techniques of filet crochet, and suggests patterns for panels, doilies, borders, edgings, curtains, valences, tablecloths, runners pillows.
Only 10.32 (saving 7.63 = 42%) at
Only $12.57 (saving $5.38 = 30%) at

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