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Afghans and Rugs

Multicolour Lap Rug Multicolour Lap Rug
This is my first attempt at using many colours and textures in one project. I joined together short lengths of yarn in random selections.

The project showed me that I prefer to use a single colour across a whole row unless I'm following a specific colour pattern.

The mix of yarns turned out well though - I used everything I could get hold of including acrylic, wool, cotton, mohair, linen, and viscose.

Pure Wool Lap Rug Pure Wool Lap RugNew!
This was made from oddments of extremely chunky pure wool left over from my grandmother's shop, which she sold many years ago. The ball bands of the wool guarenteed it to be mothproofed!

The rug worked up very quickly using a large hook, and is extremely warm.

Click on the image for a close-up picture of the stitch detail.

Strata Rug - whole picture Strata Rug
This was my second attempt at using various different yarn textures and colours in a project. It turned out much better. The result is quite a hardwearing rug in earthy tones.

Click on the image for a close-up picture of the stitch detail.


Cotton Shoulder Bag Cotton Shoulder Bag
This was a pattern I found in a recent women's magazine. The pattern didn't include a lining, but I made one to make the bag more practical. I used a double knitting weight cotton yarn. The pattern is basically just repeats of (2 trebles, chain 6, dc into loop below, chain 6) - English notation!

I made corded straps using the same yarn, which then stretched - hence the knots at the bottom! Next time I'll use a 'harder' yarn, such as a rug yarn.

I gave the bag to my best friend when she flew over to England from Kos to be with us on our Wedding Day! She was thrilled with it, and is using it every day. No doubt I'll have to make another one soon for when this one wears out.

Pastel Cotton Bag Pastel Cotton BagNew!
This was originally a hat which turned out too loose! I turned it upside down, plaited a couple of cords, and threaded them through one of the top rows.

Several types of cotton are used in the bag, some mercerised, some not. It gives a more textured look and feel, with "shiny" and "matt" rows.

Drawstring Cotton Bag Drawstring Cotton BagNew!
I designed this bag to use up some of my vast stocks of handicraft cotton. It works up very easily and quickly.

A fabric lining may be made, but I didn't find it necessary as the pattern is not too lacy. A covered disc of plastic could be crocheted into the base for stiffness if required.

The pattern for this bag is available as part of the Crochet Pattern Collection from Steph Thornton Crafts.

Click on the image for a close-up picture of the stitch detail.

Craft Collection

Aplpe Coasters Apple CoastersNew!
These are made from Double Knitting weight mercerised cotton, which gives them a shiny look and a good thickness.

The pattern was adapted slightly from the one at Lee's World.

Click on the image for a close-up picture.

Craft Collection - View 1
Craft Collection - View 2
Miscellaneous small items
This is a selection of items made for a local craft fair.

There are two cotton dishcloths, several scrunchies, some plaited friendship bands, a cotton variegated purse, and a cotton drawstring pouch bag.

Click on the top image for a close-up picture of the drawstring bag detail.


Chenille Hat Chenille HatNew!
This hat is made up in a bright blue chenille.

It feels lovely to wear, and is machine washable.

Rustic Beret - View 1
Rustic Beret - View 2
Rustic BeretNew!
This pattern works up very easily and quite quickly, using fairly small amounts of Double Knitting weight yarns. I found it to be a great pattern for using up yarn oddments.

The band of felted granny squares around the brim is optional.

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Last modified on : 27 February, 2003